March 21, 2021

Wool Challenge

Our Wool Challenge is off to a great start. Because wool is an easy to use, forgiving, natural fiber, many different projects can be made with wool. Even though we already have two participants, there is still time before our April meeting for you to join the challenge. Just make something from wool and bring it to the next meeting or send a photo to Jo or Vivi to post on GRASG's Facebook page.


Barb Marconi shared two pieces of felt work. The large one was done in a class with Sue Spargo at Smith Owen. From there, she got carried away.  She loved the handwork and created many other pieces.   


Mary Anne Pietras, who loves wool for its many wonderful properties, decided to make a wool swing dress lined with silk charmeuse. Because wool breathes, doesn't wrinkle and releases odors she extended her own personal challenge to "wear it 100 days."

April 2021 meeting

Weather permitting, we will resume in-person meetings with the April 2021 meeting, which will be held at the park pavilion behind the Northview Senior Center.  No specific speaker is scheduled; this is a "show and discuss" meeting where we can actually connect safely. The meeting's theme is bring:

  • Bring your favorite sewing tool. We can learn lots of tips and tricks from each other if we all bring something to show.
  • Bring your Wool Challenge project; the challenge was announced at the March 2021 meeting.
  • Bring any additional projects for our usual Show-and-Tell session that concludes each meeting.
  • Bring chairs (there is limited seating at the pavilion).
  • Bring blanket if it's cold.

March 15, 2021

March 2021 meeting

Our Zoom meeting this month featured Elizabeth Rasmusson from Fabric.com. Her very interesting presentation on wools was fascinating.  She discussed about nine types of wool, where they came from, their properties and their most suitable uses.


Following her presentation, she let us know we're eligible to sign up for a 10% business discount on purchases from Fabric.com.  Watch the meeting video in the Members-Only section to get instructions.


February 2021 meeting

Our Zoom meeting this month featured Maxine Steadman, who spoke about clothing adjustments for people with disabilities: how to alter existing clothing and favorite patterns to create garments that help individuals with challenges stay more independent.

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